Totally worth the side-trip: Goblin Valley State Park

October 2013

I think I may have mentioned before that this whole hiking trip through Utah I have been sick.  Hiking has been both enjoyable and a chore at times – often I would rather just lie down and try to sleep off this cold/flu whatever it is.  This was one such evening as we left Capitol Reef and were driving to Moab.  I was lazy.  But my mom wanted to stop at Goblin Valley State Park, and I obliged.  Best decision ever!

Goblin Valley is a scene from another planet I swear.  (Random side note – the movie Galaxy Quest was filmed here!) There are all these weird shapes rising up out of the desert – things that look like all sorts of monsters… aka goblins… or various other shapes depending on where your mind takes you. A turtle here, a Lazy Boy arm chair over there.

We did not follow any particular hiking trail but just wandered around through the hoodoo formations.  And by wandering I mean I got really excited and ran around like a child climbing on anything that looked climbable and sometimes things that didn’t.  Sheer & utter joy.  Only once did I climb up something I wasn’t really sure how to get down and freaked myself out a little…….. consider yourself warned – be smarter than me!

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