Melville – Russell

To day: 103.6 km To date: 2,224.6 km To go: 5,575.4 km After yesterdays painful climb with a belly-full of bakery goodies, you might think I would have learnt something – but no, another bakery breakfast this morning! Mind you,… Read More ›

Moose Jaw – Regina

Today: 87km To date: 1,968.5 km To go: 5,831.5 km The ride into Regina was not terribly exciting – we stuffed ourselves at a buffet and then wobbled our way through the downtown (at my insistence – a little bit… Read More ›

Chaplin – Moosejaw

Today: 88.75km To date: 1,881.5km To go: 5,918.5 km I was excited to wake up to the prospect of  breakfast at same diner as last night … really there was no other choice, but I was happy.  And it lived… Read More ›

Maple Creek – Gull Lake

Today: 84km To date: 1,645km To go: 6,155km “What’s the difference between a Canada Savings Bond and a man”  …. “The bond will mature” Morning humour from an old man named Jim at the convenience store/breakfast place in Maple Creek…. Read More ›