Moose Jaw – Regina

Moose Jaw - Regina

Today: 87km

To date: 1,968.5 km

To go: 5,831.5 km

The ride into Regina was not terribly exciting – we stuffed ourselves at a buffet and then wobbled our way through the downtown (at my insistence – a little bit of sight-seeing!).  The highlight for me was spotting a pelican! Who knew there are pelicans in the prairies….

The wind was behind us again today and we were flying.  Although I was going in the 30s (km/h) Alex was still miles ahead.  Somehow we lost each other – Siggy and I got to the turn-off for the city-center and Alex was nowhere to be seen.  Usually we meet-up at any point where we could get separated.  We decided just to head downtown anyway and see if we could spot him somewhere…… I forgot how big cities can be!

Wescana Lake in Regina

Wescana Lake

We stopped at Wescana Lake and I was blown away at this hidden gem – such a beautiful lake and park!  I made a mental note to come back here and explore the bird sanctuary tomorrow – a rest day.  We headed down town to find some food – and alas – everything was closed pretty much (sundays, sigh).  We ended up in the food court…..

Siggy works from his computer, so we decided to use a motel for it’s wifi for our stay in Regina.  I sent Alex a message with our location and later that night he showed up.  He had taken a side trip into a little town and we must have passed him without knowing it.

The following day we rode around the lake – and the bird sanctuary.  I was thrilled to find a little enclosed petting-zoo-esque area where you could go in with the birds – I was even more thrilled to find a resident Pelican.  He posed for several photos for me before waddling off to lay down.  During this process it became evident why he lives in the enclosure – he only has one wing.  Poor fellow.

Not too much else to report – just that I have realized that if I keep eating ice cream as I do, it will soon stop being special – this is a problem.


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