Chaplin – Moosejaw

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.29.23 AMToday: 88.75km

To date: 1,881.5km

To go: 5,918.5 km

I was excited to wake up to the prospect of  breakfast at same diner as last night … really there was no other choice, but I was happy.  And it lived up to my expectations – home-baked bread, thick-sliced bacon… mmmmm….. Alex opted for a slice of pecan pie and a home-made oreo….


It was a glorious day of riding – a constant tail wind – if only every day could be like this!  I would be across Canada in a month!

We stopped for a break at Mortlach – I was excited that we happened to be there during the Saskatoon Festival!  But after discovering it was a $5 entry fee, the boys decided it was too expensive and just wanted to play hacky sack on the grass. In hind-sight I should have gone anyway, but I did not like the idea of rushing around with people waiting for me, so I just organized my panniers and hung about.   Lesson learnt: explore at all costs!

Stopped one more time before Moose Jaw to make tea and ramen and then headed to town.  I enjoy all the billboards leading up to town to learn about the options for dinner!  We settled on Joey’s – a seafood chain.  And Dairy Queen for dessert…. this will be the beginning of a short addiction to DQ blizzards…

BeFunky_DSC_0103.jpgOver dinner (after building ‘fish’ out the kid’s toy I stole from the front desk) we discussed nicknames for each other – Siggy gets called shoulders by his friends (because he has abnormally wide shoulders) and he decided I was Freckles.  Alex is either legs (he has serious bikers legs) or hair (which is rather wild).

We camped that night at the truck stop (Flying J) – this is free, but it meant setting up on a mud bank behind a row of idling semi-trucks – maybe not the greatest place to be!  Giant truck stops like these also offer showers – and I spent $12 on the most glorious shower of my life! They even provide you with soap and towels! Pure luxury.

PS. real-time update: The Narrows, Manitoba!

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