Gull Lake – Swift Current

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 11.47.45 AM

Today: 55.5km

To date: 1,700.5km

To go: 6,099.5km

We started our day with breakfast at the Cedar Restaurant – but breakfast was more of a chicken burger and BLT kind of affair.   A very friendly gentleman came over to talk about biking – he used to cycle when he was a young boy in India but never distances like this – we joked about him coming with us.


It was a fast ride into Swift Current – the wind was behind us, my legs were feeling strong and we just flew.  I was even ahead of Siggy for a good portion!

We camped at Trail Campground – the three of us shared a site for $20.  I had heard about a place called the Bulk Barn – everything in bulk – and was thrilled to find out Swift Current had one.  That was my first mission – filled up on snacks, cooking ingredients and all kinds of unnecessary but delicious junk!  I somehow spent $60 there…. I did however discover that my favourite trail mix combo is walnuts, hazelnuts, honey roasted sunflower seeds, chocolate chips and these wonderful things called gold berries. Yup I am food obsessed.

On that note – we had a lovely dinner of smokies and salad… but I was devastated that I forgot to buy marshmallows!!


Just realized this whole post was about food…… welcome to my brain!

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