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Redcliff – Medicine Hat

Today: 33km (this includes sightseeing detour) To date: 1,377km To go: 6,423km After the intense heat and a fairly long day yesterday, we decided today was going to be a short rest day – just a quick 10km jaunt into… Read More ›

Brooks – Redcliff

Today: 92km To date: 1,344km To go: 6,456km My first night stealth camping was a success!! No one came and kicked us out.  We packed up then went back to the proper campground area to use the facilities and make… Read More ›

Cross Canada: Trial Ride

“You, can do this!” In some FAQ section I came across while researching my bicycle trip across Canada there was the question: “Could a person on a loaded bike go faster than a bear?” Now despite the fact I find… Read More ›