Redcliff – Medicine Hat

Today: 33km (this includes sightseeing detour)Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 9.02.15 PM

To date: 1,377km

To go: 6,423km

After the intense heat and a fairly long day yesterday, we decided today was going to be a short rest day – just a quick 10km jaunt into Medicine Hat.  First stop was the campground to check out the prices – but both of us were appalled by the $27/site fee … plus we had eyed up the surrounding hillside as we rode in and there was a hidden valley perfect for hiding out tents in.  So we carried on with all our gear into town to find some food.  That seems to be the life of a cyclist – either finding a place to sleep or something to eat!

We automatically noticed that most places were closed.  Another part of the cyclist’s life is never knowing what day it is – it was indeed a Sunday which explained the quiet streets and closed doors.  We came across a friendly gentleman who was keen to talk bikes for awhile – he even suggested having a coffee together in Tim Horton’s – but we were both too hungry to forgo a proper feast.  Instead we found a restaurant and ordered three mains between the two of us – two meal-sized salads, a veggie burger and a poutine! What pigs :)

Next priority on our rest day was finding a laundry mat . My second time washing my clothes in a month!  Technically speaking I wash them everyday – but I am not sure how good a job Camp Suds and a bathroom sink does. And my final rest day requirement was a coffee shop with wifi – I aim to find local independents but after following Google’s wild goose chase for an inexistent coffee shop, ended up at Starbucks.  At least they are reliable – always a decent cappuccino, a plug and wifi!

BeFunky_DSCF6813.jpgWe headed back to the campground later to make dinner – we figured if we just went in around the side, we could use the cooking area and showers even though we were not staying there – and sure enough – no problems.  A few increasingly drunk girls chatted to us for awhile – they were very friendly and after telling us about this delicious bakery, they even went and got some of their buns for us.  We cooked a stir fry with some of the fresh veggies we bought that morning from a greenhouse in Redcliff (the greenhouse capital) and it was absolutely divine – nothing like a home-cooked meal on a jet boil!

An interesting fact: Medicine Hat is known as Gas City….. I could not think of a more unfortunate moniker.

Oh and it is also home to the World’s Tallest Teepee!

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  1. very hot and dry for a bit my sweets .. the weather is something else and i’m feeling for you .. oh, toronto went through major flooding yesterday .. highways turning to rivers .. subways shut down .. eh, just weird everywhere but my sweet island .. sending love … <3

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