Gleichen – Brooks

Today: 106kmGleichen - Tillebrook

To Date: 1,252km

To Go: 6,548km

One of the best parts of sleeping in a tent without the fly on is watching the sun rise.  And this morning it was just spectacular.   Needless to say I was up early – regular routine of oatmeal and coffee then packing up camp.  Somehow – although I was the first one up, I was the last one ready to go…. Alex made some crack about me being a girl and needing to put my make-up on.  I have since vowed to become faster.  In reality though, I was the only one who ate breakfast so that explains it.  I left the men to go get breakfast and rode out on my own – a glorious feeling!

ScrewedWell until I rode through about 200 screws scattered about the shoulder and got my first flat.  I was rather excited about it – this is my first flat ever!!!  EVER!  Yes I have changed tires before, but never because I actually had to!  The only downside of this situation was that I really needed to pee.  I am not opposed to peeing on the side of the road – but generally I like to find at least a tree to hide behind.  Since leaving Calgary, I have barely seen a single tree.  So here I was desperate to pee with nothing more than calf-high grass to hide in.  Oh well.  There won’t be trees for awhile so I had better get used to it!   The tire change was easy – a trucker stopped to help, but I was proud to say I had already done it and was just trying to clear some of the screws off the road for those coming behind me.

Alex, Joshua and I played leap frog all day – but ultimately I am the slowest, always bringing up the rear. When I finally rolled into Brooks, Alex had already scoped out the town and Joshua had found a motel for the night – he practices the Sabbath so takes a day of rest on saturday – which in the cycling world, means a day off.  Alex and I were looking for a cheap option so checked out the campground in town.  Disappointed by the lack of showers, we tried the Flying J truck stop across the road.  Even though they would let us pitch our tents for free, it would be $15 per shower – that’s atrocious!!  So we carried on out of town towards Tillebrook Provincial Park.  I have a fondness for parks, so I was rather keen on this idea.

Problem was, I forgot it was Canada Day long weekend – the place was booked solid!  There was no way we were going to ride the 7km back to town, so we decided to just pitch our tents behind some trees in the Day Use area…  despite the fact I was always worried someone was going to come kick us out, it was a lovely little camping spot!

Pictures to come.


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  1. Just after Winnipeg the trees start, by the time you hit Ontario they are thick and furious. By Kenora you will be wondering if the dam trees will ever end. Let me assure you they do about a 1,000 km later. Travel safe please. Roy Lavery (your aunt Gloria’s husband)

    PS I recommend highway 17 out of Thunder Bay rather than the northern route (Highway 11). nicer views and a little more civilization. Almost nothing on 11 until you reach Hurst.

  2. Alex and Josh sound like great traveling companions .. my dear, i’m concerned for your peeing needs through sask. but hitched it many a time and there is the odd tree or remains of an old building… :O) .. always a concern for us women folk .. even more so i assume when you wear spandex .. sounds awesome love .. no flooding .. keep an eye on the weather though .. tornadoes happen quickly and little shelter .. lots of drinking water cause it’ll be hard to find on the sask. highways and it can get blisstering…love you my tadpole…hope you’re having a wonderful day today <3 xo

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