Calgary – Gleichen

Calgary - gleicheTo dn

To day: 100km

To date: 1,146km  !!! (I forgot to get excited about passing 1,000km!!)

To go: 6,654km

This morning was the morning I had to break the news to Joshua I would be riding alone again.  I had discussed this previously – the night we arrived in Canmore – and then of course plans changed as we waited for the roads to open again.

So we said our good byes and set off into the mass of Calgary traffic.  Ugh.  This is one city I never want to ride in again – perhaps it’s worse because of the flood affecting the roads and bike paths…. I will give it the benefit of the doubt.   I kept noticing Joshua stopping and waiting for me to come back into his sight again…. I had to mention that this was not quite going our own ways.

flat ALBERTALeaving Calgary things got very, very flat – and green – slightly rolling hills meeting a clear blue sky.   Exactly what I imagined when I think of the prairies… but I guess this is not technically the Prairies yet… I still have that to look forward to once I get to Saskatchewan.  I also hear the bugs get a lot worse…. I am not sure how that is possible, but it creates a terrible pit of fear in my heart. I have maybe….. 200 bug bites as is, I am not sure if I can handle anymore.   They do not even leave me along as I ride – they really seem to like biting the one part of my body that sticks out the back the most…. my bottom – and especially the right side (I think because thats the road’s edge).   I had a shower one evening and was frightened by the sight! More than 50 bites in one very small area……..    It also must be quite a sight for passing motorists – girl on bike repeatedly smacking her behind – what is she doing?  A form of encouragement?


Today consisted of a lunch break in Strathmore – a very small town – with a lovely lake where I set up my jetboil and made coffee and peanut butter and banana crackers.  Then a hot ride to Gleichen – another even smaller town.  I arrived about 2pm and found a free campground – set up and wandered around town – hoping for a bite to eat.  Found nothing but a liquor store and a small grocery store – so bought some essentials.  Salad and mesquite BBQ chips! yum!

At about 5pm another cyclist rides in.  I am immediately struck by how comfortable he looks – here is someone who lives on a bike!  At about 5:30pm Joshua rolls in -he tells us about a restaurant hiding in the sports arena, so we all head back there to get to know each other.  Alex is from Prince George and has been on the road about 1 month – he headed north and looped through BC/Alberta hitting Jasper, Banff and then joining our route through Calgary.  He is heading East until either his money runs out, or it begins to snow….

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  1. well you’ve got a pic there in full mosquito netting…highly suggest it…lots of skitters and now with the floods..suggest getting dettol in case of infections and good ole fashioned stuff we used up north and will wipe you out if you use it too much, old brain..can’t remember, but you know…on your clothes…forget all the nice herbal stuff…remember some of those things cause sickness so get the strongest killer available…camping at night even think about those incensy things..the green round coils…love you nannykins…be safe and well…kinda glad you keep meeting new company along the way…<3

  2. Guess you missed our flood big time. Happy cycling! Stay safe.

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