Melville – Russell

To day: 103.6 km To date: 2,224.6 km To go: 5,575.4 km After yesterdays painful climb with a belly-full of bakery goodies, you might think I would have learnt something – but no, another bakery breakfast this morning! Mind you,… Read More ›

Calgary – Gleichen

To day: 100km To date: 1,146km  !!! (I forgot to get excited about passing 1,000km!!) To go: 6,654km This morning was the morning I had to break the news to Joshua I would be riding alone again.  I had discussed… Read More ›

To – Do List

I may have alluded to the fact I really like lists my last post…. But this love goes far deeper than a mild liking….. I have traveled a lot with my mom and whenever we get to a new city, we always check out… Read More ›