West Coast Trail: T – 1 day

West Coast Trail Backpack

                                                           Whats in my bag?????



 A lot of stuff…. far too much I am sure (warning this is my first multiday trip so maybe don’t use this for advice):


  • Sleeping gear: 2 person tent, sleeping bag, thermarest (3/4 length)
  • Rain Gear: backpack cover, jacket, pants, also toque, gloves and fleece neck warmer for added warmth
  • Clothes – Tops: two long sleeve tops of varying thickness, one down jacket (not pictured), two tank tops
  • Clothes – Bottoms: Pants that zip off into shorts, 1 pair of crops (was going to be tights, but forecast is for sun all week)
  • Unders – 5 pairs underwear, 3 sports bras, 3 pairs hiking socks (I may be overpacking here)
  • Shoes – hiking boots and keen sandals
  • Cook gear – my hiking partner is taking a small msr stove, 2 fuel bottles (1 is pictured) and a pot
  • Food – I am carrying 2 camp dinners, 5 power bars, heaps of trail mix, nuts and dried fruit, black & peppermint tea, and my favorite bar of chocolate – Lindt with caramel…. mmmmmmmmm
  • Others: Swiss army knife, spork, fire paste (in case the wood is wet), matches, toiletries, 3L camelback, two collapsable hiking poles, headlamp
  • Unnecessary: cribbage board and cards, camera bag (this gets cut while packing), cell phone, jiffy pop

West Coast Trail gear



Now can I actually lift all this?????


My pack for the West Coast Trail


Whether I can carry it 75 km is another question…..

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5 replies

  1. I’m in the process of planning my first multiday backpacking trip in quite some time so I know how you feel! Packing a backpack is easy…backpacking takes some doing.

    • I like your distinction… Where are you off to on your backpacking trip?

      • I’m headed to Seattle on June 9th. Currently my only solidified plans are my plane tickets and to attend the World Cup Qualifying Match between the United States and Panama. Perhaps I’ll head North to Canada or South to Portland. As I’m sure you would agree, the beauty of travel is in the mystery and freedom we can achieve when we break out of our daily routines.

  2. I hope you’re having sooo much fun!!!!! Miss you xoxo Michelle


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