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I may have alluded to the fact I really like lists my last post…. But this love goes far deeper than a mild liking…..

I have traveled a lot with my mom and whenever we get to a new city, we always check out the top 10 things to see or do or eat in our new locale.  Even before the times of the internet and I kept a list of all the books I had read – always with my rating of them, and sometimes even a review or plot summary.  I operate with grocery lists and to-do lists… not that I cannot function without a list, but it is so much more fun to be able to tick things off!

So that leads me to think I ought to have a list of the adventures so that one day, not only will I have the joy of doing them, but also the pure delight of checking them off my list…. here it goes:

By Foot Progress Get Inspired
West Coast Trail To be completed May 2013!! Parks Canada
East Coast Trail Hiked 2 days many years ago – would love to complete East Coast Trail Society
El Camino in Spain Hiked 5 days in 2008 – would love to complete Hiking the Camino
Pacific Crest Trail Being inspired by the novel Wild Pacific Crest Trail Association
By Bicycle Progress Get Inspired
Across Canada Perhaps this summer?? :) Bicycling Across Canada
Tip to tip Vancouver Island Would only take about 6 days… Helen’s Take On…
North Sea Cycle Route Dreaming North Sea Cycle Route
Across USA – Southern Tier perhaps Dreaming Adventure Cycling Association
Atlantic Coast USA Dreaming Adventure Cycling Association
Cycle the Danube Completed Germany – Romania summer 2012. Romania – Black Sea… dreaming Danube Cycle Path
To Learn Progress
Rock Climbing Enrolled in 2 day course at the end of April
Bicycle Maintenance Course begins next week!
Spanish On Lesson One – Rosetta Stone
French One day…
Photography Bought the camera and a Groupon for an online course
Mountain Biking First attempt was last summer – would love to ride again. Need the gear.

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  1. Email me at, I’m hoping to go across canada in 2014 and I’m looking for an experienced riding partner. PS, I’m making a list.

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