Canmore – Calgary

Canmore - Calgary

Today: 78km

To date: 1051km

To go: 6,749km

As I write this, I am camped out in the day-use area of a fully booked Provincial Park just outside of Brooks, Alberta…. I am a few days behind in the blog as I have not had wifi any nights.  Instead I am tethering off my cell phone – so let’s make this brief:

– Got a ride from Mike at Hostel Bear out of the construction zone –  very thankful to be back on the road.  He dropped us off on the side of the highway as soon as he could. In hindsight we probably could have rode out of Canmore without any problems.

– Prairie wind experience as soon as we stepped out of his truck! Luckily it was a tailwind and it very nicely escorted us all the way to Calgary.  We must have averaged about 30km/h… speeds I never knew were possible through BC.  I also hit my all-time top speed of 72km/h!!!

– Calgary is heavily affected by the flood.  All of downtown still did not have power.  We saw a totally decimated bridge.  I am sure the damage is a lot more than we could even see.

– Spent a couple hours and somehow dropped $100 at MEC  – another fuel, another Camp Soap, clear sunglasses, some reflective detailing for the bike.

– Joshua and I shared a room near the Calgary Airport just off the TCH.  The ride there was the worst so far!  Almost got taken out by a truck pulling a wide trailer…. I don’t think he realized just how wide he was.  I had shivers long after.  But don’t worry – all is well!

– Met Chuck outside of the hotel as we unpacked out bikes – he is a truck driver in town for a week.  After showering he came out to dinner with us – The Olive Garden!  Yum.  Haven’t eaten so much in a long time.  Can you say free refills on salad and breadsticks!  Oh my.

I will be in Medicine Hat tomorrow and spend an extra day (hopefully – it is Canada Day Long weekend, so hoping there will be somewhere to stay) – I will try to catch up on the blog and add pictures then!  Sorry about the delay (Dawn! :)  !)

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  1. was just a bit concerned, that’s all, what with everything going on and all..those winds can be a horror, one of the reasons i left alberta..hopefully not too much of a problem in Medicine Hat though there was flooding around there well my sweetie, you know we love you…just want you back safe and sound at the end of the journey…prayers going your way <3 <3

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