Cross Canada: Trial Ride

“You, can do this!” In some FAQ section I came across while researching my bicycle trip across Canada there was the question: “Could a person on a loaded bike go faster than a bear?” Now despite the fact I find… Read More ›

Mt. Finlayson

Highlights:  Great cardio, fun scrambles, beautiful views Distance: The direct trail up is 1.8km each way – elevation gained is 419m.  If you choose to take the longer, less steep, easier on the knees, and safer in the rain trail… Read More ›

Bike Repair Class–Day 1

I have a very limited and somewhat embarrassing amount of knowledge about bicycle maintenance. My mom and I, who have done some cycle-touring together, have a joke about our pretend bike maintenance sessions.   Neither of us have any idea what… Read More ›

Mount Douglas

Highlights: Sweeping 360 degree view of Victoria city and surroundings. My favorite place for a view so far. Difficulty and Distance: Moderate at most – it is uphill, but distances are short, and you can walk (or drive) on a paved… Read More ›