Banff – Canmore

Banff - Canmore

Today: 26km, 54m

To date: 940km, 10,004m

To go: 6,860km

The ride from Banff to Canmore was great!  Most of the ride was along a separated bike path along the side of the highway – flat, smooth, and lovely.  We left Banff at just before 7am…. I wanted to be in Canmore by 9am to meet my friend Jonathon for breakfast.  He happened to be in town at the same time as I was – and it was lovely to meet up with a familiar friendly face!!

Joshua and I spent the rest of the day exploring the town – walking along the river and looking in the shops.   We are on a mission to find a rear tail-light compatible with a pannier rack rather than a seat post…. turns out this is really hard to find!!!!  So all the bike shops of both Canmore & Banff have not had anything!

Disc golfThe hostel staff are very friendly here.  We got a lesson on Disc Golf from Mike – I never knew it was such a serious sport!!!  There are tournaments around the world.  There are driving frisbees and putting frisbees and all sorts of terms I cannot remember but they exist in both disc and ball golf.  Mike went out to his truck and returned with his golf bag.  He showed us a handful of small frisbees with varying densities and other properties that only someone who has thrown them many times would understand how they influence its flight.  I was rather hoping he would throw some for us – but apparently that would be dangerous – could break a window easily.  Oddly enough the following day – someone completely different started explaining soccer golf to me……

So I have been in Canmore for 5 days now – and I only just saw the beautiful mountains surrounding the town!  I did not realize just how lovely it is here.  The sun shone for maybe 8 hours – and all the locals were out and about enjoying the fine weather.  It was uplifting to see people were enjoying themselves despite the fact that there is still a state of emergency declared.  Ominous clouds are on the horizon though….


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