Masson – Saint-Eustache

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.02.38 PMToday: 133 km

To date: 5,898 km

To go: 1,902 km

Today I fell in love with Quebec.  Alex however is slower to warm up – this is his first time in a place with a foreign language and I think high school French and the unfounded myth that the French can be mean has him a bit worried.  So far I don’t think he has spoken to anyone – leaving me to order both dinner and breakfast for both of us.  I cannot speak French either – just a small smattering of words from high school – but more of it is coming back as I go along.  Considering I took French class all the way through to grade 12 and AP at that, you would think I would at least be able to order breakfast!!!  But somehow I still managed to make a bit of a fool of myself.  Thats just part of the fun.  If you try, people appreciate it – they laugh with you as you bumble through their language.

BeFunky_DSC_0074.jpgSo the reason I fell in love with Quebec is just the spectacular beauty – see the picture on the left of my favourite stretch of road.  Plus there are a lot more towns and they all have this cutesy atmosphere to them.  Especially Montebello.  We stopped here for lunch and ended up in a chocolate shop – how did that happen?!! :)   They served normal food which was very tasty, and then we both stocked up our chocolate stashes at the gift shop.  Mmmmmmmm my favourite are the chocolate covered almonds.

The roads continued to be fantastic for cyclists except a short (2km maybe) stretch near LaChute.  Here we again lost all shoulder and were forced onto the road.  I panicked that this would be a permanent change, but was relieved when we got out of town and got the shoulder back.

It felt like a really long day!  We found a packed sushi place for dinner (packed means it must be good right?)  – and it was!  Delicious.  We washed up in the bathroom but must not have done a good job as the couple sitting at the table beside us ever so slightly inched their table away from ours…… uhoh!

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