Revised Cross Canada Packing List


So I ended up sending probably 20lbs of gear home – and picking up other things along the way… lets have a look at what got sent home and what stayed: things in red could have been left at home, things in green I added (or wish I did) along the way


  • Jet Boil stove (with pot, cup built in) This fared well – but I found it slightly annoying you cannot simmer with this stove – it’s either boil or off.  Also the starter broke, but I had matches. 
  • 2 fuel bottles 
  • Extra pot
  • Scrubber – never really used this, could have sent it home
  • Water Filter & iodine tablets used the filter once between Pemberton and Lillooet in BC, then sent it home in Winnipeg.  Kept the iodine for emergencies (and never used them)
  • Camelback & 2 bottles – total water capacity = 4.5 L – my bottles got all moldy because I put juice in them and did not rinse them enough – be warned.  I sent home the camelback hose but kept the reservoir and used it.
  • Swiss army knife – yep necessary
  • Biodegradable soap  (also spotlighting as shampoo and laundry detergent) – replaced many times
  • Bear bags – used in BC, sent them home after, most people just used their panniers to tie in tree… or did nothing with them
  • Spork
  • I ate a lot of oatmeal with trail mix thrown in (yum!) and Mr. Noodles. I also like Shot Blocks and Sour Jujubes for quick energy, and Pro bars are delicious.  I carried way too much food (not listed, but for example, you don’t need 4 cans of tuna), especially since we ate out most of the time – if you are not cooking daily, just keep emergency food.



  • Tent (Hubba Hubba, 2person) – great tent!
  • Groundsheet
  • Thermarest (3/4 length) – full length would have been nice on the occasions the floor was damp (i.e., set up tent sloppily)
  • Sleeping bag (down, -18 C) – love, love, love

Repair Kit

  • Multitool with allen keys, wrenches, chain break only used the allen keys but was happy to have it all
  • 2 spare tubes – went through about… 7?
  • 2 patch kits – never patched my tubes
  • Tire boot – used 2 of 3 sheets to prolong life of my tires, glad to have it
  • Tire levers
  • Presta valve adapter – would be better just to have the right pump
  • Various nuts & bolts – never used, but good to have
  • Lube & rag
  • Duct tape – Alex used it all!Repair kit
  • Seam sealer – never used
  • Sewing kit – Alex used it for his hacky sack
  • Extra bags – never used
  • Extra zap straps – never used
  • Pump – used many a time
  • Jonathon gave me some degreaser wipes in Alberta – those were nice to have
  • Bike lock I probably could have got away with just a cable lock, U-lock unnecessary weight

First Aid Kit

  • Mutli-day expedition pre-packaged kit – I used the bandaids only
  • Polysporin
  • Advil
  • Cold sore medication
  • Antifungal cream
  • Extra bandaidsFirst aid kit & toiletries


  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Contacts & Solution
  • Extra lenses
  • Hand sanitizer & wipes
  • Toilet paper
  • Copious amounts of sunscreen
  • Lip balm


  • Rain jacket – wish it had a hood for walking around town
  • Rain pants – sent home, wouldn’t have used them
  • Rain shoe covers – sent home, wish I hadn’t
  • Rain helmet cover – sent home
  • Windbreaker – sent home
  • Down jacket
  • Vest – sent home, but probably would have used it when it got colder
  • Long sleeve shirt – bit thicker would have been nice
  • 3 tank tops – sent one home
  • Clothes2 cycling shorts
  • 3 cycling socks
  • 3 underwear – sent 2 pairs home as I only wear them on non-cycling days – too much information??? :)
  • 3 sports bras – kept losing them and had to buy more – be careful drying on your bike!
  • Cycling gloves – not sure if necessary, had hand troubles regardless
  • Regular gloves – sent them home, and then bought ski gloves when it got cold
  • Tights doubling as regular pants
  • Shorts (aka swim bottoms) – ended up with 2 pairs because I wore them so much
  • Dress – glad I had it for off-days and also used to assist in washing in rivers and sleeping in, even rode in it some days
  • Wrap – sent home, not missed
  • Flip flops – broke, replaced a lot later – next time would just bring one pair closed shoes (which you can cycle in, but I wouldn’t clip-in), and one pair of hiking sandals which I can also bike in.
  • Vibrams – sent home
  • Bandana – sent home

Necessary additions to clothing:

  • Sweat pants – so nice to throw over bike shorts and to keep warm
  • Winter headband, ear warmer type thing
  • Cycling jersey – this white, mesh, short-sleeved but not sleeve-less shirt was imperative for hot days
  • Thick wool socks – important for when it got cold

Unnecessary but necessary?

  • BackpackUnnecessary?
  • Cell phone
  • Wallet
  • Passport
  • Bear spray
  • Whistle
  • Solar panel (Nomad 13) – unnecessary, sent home
  • Charging device (Guide 50) – unnecessary, sent home
  • Computer (MacBook 11″)
  • Mini speaker – switched to headphones, sent home
  • DSLR Camera & charger
  • Memory card reader for my MacBook
  • Notebook & pens
  • Deck of cards sent home, never used
  • Climbing shoes & harness – sent home, never used
  • Tripod – should have sent home
  • Head lamp
  • Matches

I think that sums up my gear – but I bet I forgot some stuff!  I am sure of it actually.  Any questions – contact me!

That adds up to one big load!!

New tire on the back!

New tire on the back!

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2 replies

  1. I had to laugh about the duct tape. I was over at Alex’s a few weeks ago and he repaired my old Ziploc bag (that I carried some knitting in) with a strip or two of duct tape so the needles wouldn’t poke through. Thanks for the list -we are slowly picking up a thing or two , here and there for some short trips in the new year.

  2. Hi Deanna,

    My name is Mary Fehr and I’m biking across Canada summer of 2015! Thank you so much for writing out your packing list like this- SO HELPFUL!

    I am wondering though, do you know how much it all weighed, I’m starting to look at panniers and what will be possible for my bike to hold!

    If you have the time I would appreciate any advice you have to give! My email is

    Hope you had an amazing trip!


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