Bryce Canyon

October, 2013

We arrived in Bryce Canyon National Park in the afternoon and decided not to embark on any hikes today. So instead we drove the scenic  road out to Rainbow Point stopping at various view points to admire the canyon and hoodoos.  At Rainbow Point we hustled around the Bristlecone Loop trail – a short nature trail (1 mile total) to see these ancient pine trees.  I would have enjoyed it more if it were not so cold!  I am a bit disappointed in myself, but as the drive and stopping at various views continued, I gradually lost interest.  The cold was too great, the views were blending into each other, and the warm car was more appealing. I was rather happy when we retired to our little cabin at Ruby’s Campground.

cBeFunky_DSC_0271.jpgThe next morning, my mom got us up at the crack of dawn to watch the Sunrise at Sunrise Point (of course).  We were joined by about 30 other people – all thinking the same thing.  It was really beautiful, but I was again a bit cranky.  I am the type of person who likes to have breakfast – or at least coffee – before standing around for what seems like ever in the cold with a bunch of tourists (ourselves included).  I tried to put on a happy face and humour my mother by taking pictures every few seconds or so.

And then it was time for breakfast.  Oh glorious breakfast (in actuality it was just meh…but it was accompanied be warmth and coffee).  By the time we had eaten, it had gotten warmer outside and I was mentally ready to take on our day of hiking.  I am normally not such a complainer so I feel the need to mention that this whole trip I was quite sick – headache and a nasty cough that made me tired just walking up a slight incline.  Anyways – we went back to Sunrise Point and descended down the Queen’s Garden trail to join the Peek-A-Boo Loop and finally climbed back up via the Navajo Loop (8 miles or so?).  This was a lovely combination of trails taking us through some of the best views in the park (in my opinion) – the Wall of Windows, Wall Street – and some very cool trees.

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