Day 7: Kamloops – Salmon Arm

Kamloops - Salmon ArmToday: 111.5km, 722m of climbing

To date: 519km,  5878m

To go: 7,281km

I am sitting in the campground laundry mat – not doing laundry, that would be silly, but relaxing in an easychair, plugged into the wall, using the wifi and eating watermelon from a bag.  Its really quite lovely.

Today was my first 100+ day and I am feeling it.  I am exhausted, pooped, knackered, weary, just plain old tired.  It didn’t probably help that I was up late (for me – 11pm!!!) last night hanging out with my neighbour in the RV park in Kamloops.  We started chatting about his son and somehow got on to country music, and ended up spending the rest of the night listening to Marty Haggard do a tribute to his father – Merle Haggard.  Jim (that was my neighbour) says Merle is the best country singer around – sure?



The first half of the ride today seemed to be all downhill to Chase – about halfway – and a good spot to stop for lunch.  The second half became a bit tedious – it was hot and the traffic continued to be heavy.  I don’t know how I am going to cope when I get to Ontario or somewhere and the heat gets worse… oh well, will just figure it out.  I used my little portable speaker today to blast music over the steady hum drum of trucks going by – I am starting to realize I am going to run out of my music quickly… so I am going to ask a favour to help beef up my library:

Could you all please post, email, Facebook, or text me your favorite songs? Perhaps ones that motivate you, or just make you happy?  Thanks! :)

Camping just outside of Salmon Arm tonight – rather regretting my choice as it seems like the neighbouring house has two teenage girls who have just been given a karaoke set – my dinner had “musical” accompaniment!  Hopefully they quiet down in time for my early, very, very early bed time… I am thinking right about now actually :)

Good night my friends!

I was going to stay the night at this hostel but looked pretty closed

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  1. whoa girl !…amazing progress ! … not sure if i agree with Merle being the greatest country singer ever but i enjoy him at times….I suggest you plug into Pink to get the energy flowing…Janis Joplin to get the swagger up and some Macy Grey for that final boost…check out Michelle Chamuel…on The Voice…i think She’s pretty awesome…all downloadable…oh, and country I’d have to go with Teri Clarke..Alberta country singer…hope you’re sleeping well and relaxing those muscles properly…love you sweetie…best tomorrow…in my prayers and heart…xoxo

  2. love Merle Haggard.. How about Imaginary Cities-Temporary resident, Laurie Biagini’s(from Vancouver) new one- Sanctuary of Sound. maybe The Beach Boys greatest hits, good summer music. Serena Ryder-Harmony(awesome!). Blue Rodeo-5 days in July. Bruce-Born in The Usa

  3. “Inner Ninja” – Classified
    “Mardy Bum” – Arctic Monkey
    anything by the Weakerthans
    and other songs by Asian artists if you REALLY run out of stuff to listen to


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