Falcon Lake – Dixie Lake

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 3.05.15 PMTo day: 115 km

To date: 3,059 km

To go: 4,741 km

There was a rude awakening this morning in the form of a man manicuring the sand…. you know you are in a tourist haven when the sand is groomed every morning to look pristine and untouched!

Breakfast at the Bistro & Bakery again – plus delicious fresh and flaky snacks for the road.  Today we cross into Ontario and I have been hearing how hilly it gets once we roll over the border.  And true enough – the relatively flat terrain shifted into a series of rolling hills.  None were too long or too steep though – so I pretended I was a roller coaster car and cruised up and down them.


Kenora Harbour (Photo: Alex)

Kenora is a lovely community and essentially the beginning of Lake of the Woods territory.  This means there is water everywhere!  And not the dingy slightly off-putting shallow, festering ponds of Manitoba (sorry if that was a bit harsh), but clear, crisp inviting lake water.  I am in heaven.   We only stopped for lunch in Kenora – a local Brew Pub… I was upset that they did not serve tea…….

I am also starting to notice that people here do not seem to know the difference between processed and real cheese…. twice now I have asked if the cheese was the processed, pre-sliced, slightly fake-tasting stuff, and I have been assured “No” and then of course it is…… Do you know what I mean?  Or maybe I am the one who is overly picky about my cheese.

After Kenora, I lost Alex…. we agreed to ride about 20k then find a place to camp.  I rode 20k and no sign of him – so I rode on.  I met a man named Steve coming from the East who said there were no cyclists ahead of me… the plot thickens.   Steve is an interesting fellow – as he put it, his daughter just turned 18, so he is free… and is biking the world for the next 3 years or so to celebrate that fact.  After leaving Steve, I saw a billboard for a hotel and restaurant 3 km ahead… I thought that Alex must be there having dinner.  So I decided to carry on 3 km, which soon turned into 5 and then 10 as this hotel failed to appear.  Finally though I saw it – but alas – Alex’s bike was not propped out front.  I decided it was time for dinner anyway and Alex would possibly turn up.

Part way through my salad & BLT, sure enough Alex comes in.  He had gone down a side road and went fishing for awhile – he sounded slightly annoyed (possibly all in my head as often these things are…) that I had made him ride quite a bit further than our agreed upon 20km… but a good meal and a few beers later, all was forgotten.

There was nowhere to camp at the hotel so we road a few kilometres on to Dixie Lake – a rest stop that claims no overnight parking… but we technically aren’t parking…..

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2 replies

  1. I grew up in Peterborough, and I remember my dad bring home fresh curds from a cheese factory, but I don’t remember where exactly. I will try to find out. I am not a fan of ‘fake’ cheese either.
    When Alex was very young , I took him and his brother and sister on a driving, camping adventure from Prince George to Peterborough. We went around the lakes and it was beautiful. The pictures bring back the memories. Time to do it again :-)
    Safe travels, Barb

    • Alex mentioned they made ice cream at that factory too? I’m a bit of an ice cream fanatic. Did you happen to remember the name of it? It would be cool to stop if we happen to be passing by. Another disappointing grilled cheese today when the cheddar turned out to be processed! Thank you for all your comments – they are always a pleasure to read.

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