Richer – Falcon Lake

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 9.00.19 AMToday: 91 km

To date: 2,944 km

To go: 4,856 km

Last night was far too dark to realize we were actually staying in a pretty cool camground.  For example, lying in the tent waking up, I kept hearing this sound – ……zing…. zing……  I was thinking there was a car race nearby?  ANyway once I roll out of the tent, I realize there is a zipline!!!  So of course as soon as we pack up camp, that is where I head!

The next major excitement for the day came in Hadashville in the form of perogies! I had the deep-fried kind and was slightly disappointed but luckily sampled Alex’s boiled/fried ones which were delicious!

BeFunky_DSC_0354.jpgAfter leaving Hadashville the roads took a turn for the worse.  There was a minor shoulder however… HOWEVER…. in the middle of this shoulder was a rumble strip… this meant you either ride in the road, or balance precariously on the two-inch strip of smooth pavement between the rumble strips and the gravel.  UGH.

It was glorious to arrive in Falcon Lake and get off the road…. the lake was beautiful and provided a free wash.  After cleaning up, we headed to the Bistro & Bakery for a dinner of poutine, a veggie wrap and a gelato.  We had eyed up a nice spot down by the beach to set up camp – a small stretch of beach hidden behind a dock and near the woods – a great place to not be noticed for the night!

oh! one more highlight for the day – I bought myself a pair of Canadian-made sweat pants that have Falcon Lake written in huge red letters down the leg – maybe not the most fashionable, but lovely and soft – and dense enough to keep the mosquitoes away!

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  1. That is quite the large breakfast!!!!

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