Warren – Winnipeg

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 11.07.37 AMTo day: 60 km

To date: 2,792 km

To go: 5,008 km

Have you ever woken up and immediately sat bolt upright because of a sound that just instills fear through to your core?  That is what happened this morning as the sun was rising.  Two large and unhappy sounding dogs were circling our tents – growling their displeasure at our trespassing and snapping their jaws like they wanted to punish us.  I was afraid.  I looked out the tent and saw what looked like two Rottweilers – big and powerful.  I laid back down hoping they had not noticed and were drawn by my movement…. I hoped they would not rip through the tent….

I lied there listening to their snarls hoping they would lose interest for what felt like forever.  And eventually they did and we took that moment to quickly get out of the tents and start breaking camp.  I figured once we were out of the tent, they might treat us better – know we were human and greet us like any other customer at the Esso…… Alex took precautions and filled his pockets with beef jerky, I followed suit.  Nothing like a little meat treat to win over a dog’s heart.

Surprisingly they wanted little to do with our food, they only sniffed at us and begrudgingly let us enter the Esso station.  We met the owner in their and a couple of locals – “You weren’t kidding about people camping on the lawn….”  I felt guilty – but no one seem displeased by our presence.  He did not however apologize for the behaviour of his dogs.  Fair enough.

BeFunky_DSC_0314.jpgI had a terrible ride into Winnipeg.  It was just about as terrifying as the dog experience.  I am used to riding with traffic on city roads – but this was particularly unpleasant because the streets were ridden with potholes and various bumps and lumps.  I was in such a bad mood.  Luckily we stopped to eat and my spirits lifted.

I had been in touch with another Cross Canada cyclist – Tony – who was staying at the hostel in town tonight.  We wanted to meet up, but first Alex & I had to find a place to stay – looking at the cheapest option first….I googled a campground that was supposed to be near the city center in a golf course – so after eating and using the wifi at McDonalds, we carried on our treacherous ride through town.  Well Google – you were wrong again – there was no Golf Course, and definitely no Campground.  We ended up in the middle of a residential area.  A couple of nice men on their porch told us we were at least an hour from the nearest Campground.  Option B.  Head back the way we came to the Hostel.

We spent the rest of the day doing laundry (3rd time since leaving home), checking out MEC (Alex’s first time visiting one after hearing me talk about its wonders constantly), and then dinner out with Tony.  I ate until I was ill….. again….. maybe I have a problem?  The guys carried on socializing back at the hostel – and I made the mistake of just lying down for a second and the next thing I know it’s morning…..


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