Dixie Lake – Dryden

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 3.10.43 PMTo day: 89.5 km

To date: 3,149 km

To go: 4,651 km

Woke up, got all packed up to go, loaded my stuff on the bike and then noticed my rear tire was flat!!  Darn.  Unload it all.   Sometime in the last few days I must have ridden over part of a blown out semi-truck tire and these are terrible!!  They have all these little metal bits in them that can get lodged into your tire then slowly work their way through and pierce the tube – the air slowly leaks out so if you are like me, you do not notice your tire is flat right away and you ride on it all evening……

The highlight of today’s ride was finding money along the road….. Alex found $105!!! I only found $20, but still felt really lucky.  We spent a good twenty minutes in this area scouring the dirt and grass, even the creek, looking for bills hidden away.  It looks like they had been here for awhile – I entertained myself making up stories of how the cash got here – mostly involving the mafia and drug rings and the black market fur trade….. all sorts of improbable scenarios considering it was only $125…. more likely someone left their wallet on the top of their car and drove away (Something I have done before… but I noticed it at the moment I drove over it…. )

Vermillion Bay was a nice place to stop for lunch – a great coffee shop in The Fort Vermillion area (I don’t think it was a real fort??). Alex spent his findings from earlier today on a fresh supply of fishing lures for the local fish- like a kid in a candy shop!


Photo courtesy of Alex

Dryden was not a particularly lovely town….. it reminded me a bit of arriving in Melville and searching for the one restaurant that was open.   It again was a Sunday which meant pretty much the whole place was shut down.

We found one restaurant that was hidden in the back streets… there was only us and one other table out on the patio – a quiet, quiet night.  I had my Ontario beer and the pork chop special – I was happy because there was a large amount of gravy….

We then headed to Dairy queen for dessert – I got a mini cookie dough blizzard and Alex got two medium ones!! That’s a lot of Blizzard.

We camped down by the river, and unfortunately rather close to the mill.   It was a stormy night – thunder and lightening…. we had heard there had been a tornado just a couple of days ago so we were worried this storm would take a turn for the worse.  And at 2am it did…….. there was a loud, loud whooshing sound of wind whirling about – getting stronger.  We both were awake and making plans to abandon our stuff and high-tail it to the local Motel.  I was trying to convince myself it was just the mill letting off steam.  After about 20 minutes the noise subsided and I fell back to sleep……

I do believe it was the mill, but Alex is confident we were in a Tornado……….

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  1. you reminded me of an incident years ago when i was young and hitching to Quebec City with my Friend Bobby…completely broke..no rides happening..lots of walking..then found a bill,then another..all told in over a couple of miles we found over a hundred bucks ! in those days it was a fortune ! always wondered how it got there and so started my knowledge that the Creator always provides what’s needed…<3

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