Dryden – Ignace

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 3.14.30 PMTo day: 107 km

To date: 3,256 km

To go: 4,544 km

It was a fast ride today – the wind was behind us and we were flying.  It was rather upsetting though to see our beautiful shoulders disappear and return to the gravel type.  Oh the stress. Will I ever get used to it?


Photo: Alex

Not a whole lot interesting to report today.  There are crickets everywhere – often they are sitting in the little shoulder we do have – and I always wonder why?  What do they get from being on the pavement rather than the grass?  It is quite concerning to me as when I ride up to one of these sitting insects they leap in panic – but in the wrong direction.  Not to the safety of the grass, but the sudden death of my wheels.  Why?  This happens multiple times a day.  When will they learn?

I roll into Ignace around 2:30pm – Alex is waiting for me, drinking his beer.  I am starving so we head to the Esso Restaurant across the road – and I begin to feed……. started with a cup of tea and a chocolate chip cookie, then a salad then a burger and half a poutine… it was a lot of food.  I could hardly haul myself onto my bike and wobble down the road.

We checked out the campground but $27 for a tent site was too expensive so we set up in the bush.  I was feeling so stuffed and ill, I laid down and fell asleep at 4pm.  Woke up later around 8pm to eat some Sour JuJubes then back to sleep again!

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