Kaladar – Ottawa

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.45.16 PMToday: 148km

To date: 5,704 km

To go: 2,096 km

We ventured 2 km off the main highway into the little town of Arden in search of breakfast.  I knew we were out of luck when the sign at the legion – one of the few non-residential buildings – read: “Groceries on sale tuesdays.”  And it was not a tuesday.  On we ride.

After about 35km (2 hours!!!!) we finally found a place to eat…. a little diner at an intersection “Something Corners” – I cannot remember the name.  I was ready to pass out – I have never been so happy to see food!!!

We made it to Perth before Alex’s rim broke.  He told me to ride on and he would try to hitch hike to a bike shop – and we would meet up again in Ottawa or somewhere in the future.  I hesitantly left.  I stopped in the next big town and worked on my blog at Starbucks – and just as I was getting ready to hit the road again I got word from Alex.  He would wait for me at a store called Bushtukah – I quickly looked it up and it was only about an hour away.   I rode the Trans Canada Trail for the next portion – it was absolutely fantastic to get off the busy highway – and to see living animals in the woods instead of their squished counterparts on the roads.  Sorry, kind of morbid, but true. There is a lot of roadkill out there – careful everyone!!

BeFunky_DSC_0041.jpgI met Alex easily at the bike shop – he had a shiny new rim and was set to get on the road again.  I have been having some troubles with my hands so decided to finally talk to someone about it.  They shortened my stem a bit, changed the angle and rewrapped the bars – so maybe this will help bring the feeling back into a couple of fingers I have forgotten exist!  The pinky and ring finger on my right hand have been numb since Alberta probably but are at a steady state – no worse, no better, as the days go on.  My hands have gotten really weak as well – I have to get Alex to open any bottles of juice I have.

We did not make it into Ottawa downtown tonight – just went to the campground on the outskirts of town.  The first night since…. Wawa I think that we have paid to sleep!


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