Scarborough – Peterborough

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 10.20.47 PMToday:  122 km

To date: 5,438 km

To go: 2,376 km

I am pretty sure anyone who has been following my blog by now knows I love french toast.  This morning my family made a deliciously large portion of this sugary carby goodness to set us on the road – and some tasty oatmeal too.

I made a bit of a mistake this morning with directions and stressed myself out to no end about it.  I had told Alex we were going up Brock Rd until we hit Murial St – but! Murial street did not exist!  When I realized this, I got so worried that instead of turning to get to his granny’s house, he would end up riding straight up to the Arctic! Ok so maybe I was worrying a bit too much……   he stopped 10km later to wait at a gas station – and this actually turned out to be the perfect spot to join Hwy 7 to Peterborough.  A good reminder that things tend to work out.

The road was good until a little town called Nestleton and then we lost our shoulder and back to our regular Ontario terror.  We arrived in Peterborough quite late so decided to have dinner & camp instead of turning up at Alex’s granny’s at this hour. After dinner we searched out the Baskin Robbins for a HUGE ice cream cone and then set up camp in the field of a school yard.  I was nervous that someone would notice us and ask us to move, but another night with no problems.

Apple pie!

Apple pie!

The next morning we headed across town to visit Alex’s family.  We spent the early part of the day drinking tea with his granny and later had a barbecue with his aunt & cousins. They were a lovely, welcoming family that made me feel right at home – and plus make great pie!  Thank you very much for having me!

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  1. love the little coloured chairs!

  2. Ah, the pies :-) Now you know where I learned to make pie.

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