Quebec City – Montmagny

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.32.58 PMToday: 85 km

To date: 6,395 km

To go: 1,405 km

Oh what a horribly blustery day!!  I was in such a foul mood and the two things combined was just toxic.  Crossing the bridge from Quebec to Levis I got blown into the guard rails and decided angrily to walk the rest of the way.  In retrospect I have no idea why I was so upset?  Must have been past coffee-time.

The ride through Levis was pretty nasty – lots of traffic and we later discovered there was a nicer bike path we missed.  We found this out through some quite odd circumstances.  Alex was a fair distance ahead of me as usual and I come up to him stopped talking to two people who had obviously pulled their car over for a chat.  Being a worry wort, I assumed something was wrong – but as I pulled up, the woman excitedly asked me if I recognized her.  No idea.  She informs me that her and the man she is with were both part of the cycling group we camped beside in Wawa – way back in Northern Ontario!!!!  I guess she recognized Alex’s crazy hair!  We chatted for awhile to these two – laughing about the musical accompaniment their tour had among other things.  Turns out the man is running for Mayor of Levis! He invited us over to his house for the night, but we declined as it was still far too early in the day to stop.

BeFunky_DSC_0007.jpgMy spirits lifted greatly, we rode on.  The winds however stayed the same, and soon I was brought back down.  I hate the wind.  Imagine working so hard you could be climbing the Rockies but only actually moving along flat ground at a snail’s pace – it mentally hurts.  Although we had planned on doing a 100km day, we (more technically, I) ran out of daylight when we hit Montmagny.  It was a slow plodding day – I have never been so happy to relax for a nice evening at McDonalds.

We were offered a place to camp on someone’s farm but as we started the 5km ride out of our way, we decided to stop and camp in a clearing instead.  The clearing looked like it had a 50% chance of still being used for construction of some sort – fingers crossed we are up and out before the backhoes wake up!

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