Les Mechins – St. Maxime de Mont Louis

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 8.19.14 PMToday: 110 km

To date: 6,927 km

To go: 873 km

With some error in judgement we decided to ride out of town and on to find another place for breakfast – and we rode on, and on, and on.  It was raining and for the first time this whole trip, I felt cold.

When I finally met Alex for breakfast, I was soaked – well at least my bottom half was – perhaps I should not have made the decision to send my rain pants and shoe covers home back in the early, sunny days of this trip.  I was so cold!  We spent well over an hour having a leisurely breakfast and pumping ourselves full of warm liquids.  Alex had found a sports store up the road and had already bought himself some winter gloves to ride with – they are technically ski gloves with the waterproof (supposedly) outer layer and a thin pair of liner gloves.  I decided that once I was warm I would venture over there and get myself a pair.

You know how you shouldn’t grocery shop while you are hungry? Well the same concept applies to buying warm clothes when you are cold.  Not only did I get my own pair of ski gloves, I also picked up another sweater, two pairs of thick hiking socks and some waterproof booties (hah! not waterproof at all).  I started riding again feeling much better….. even a little on the hot side.

Somewhere along the way my $20 odometer broke – perhaps the rain?  In Mont Louis we once again ate at the only restaurant in town – and again had delicious seafood – a seafood linguine and a seafood pizza.  For once, we could not finish our dinner – leftover pizza for breakfast!!  We met a couple riding the Gaspe Peninsula with their baby!!  I was in awe.  The baby had to have been only maybe 8 months old and seemed to be having a lovely time…. I was very impressed by their braveness!

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  1. I was wondering what Alex used those gigantic gloves for in the middle of summer, now I know.

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