Cornwall – Caribou

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 8.14.59 PMDate ridden: September 15th, 2013

Today: 90 km

To date: 8,067 km

Well that has got to be the quickest provincial crossing ever! Arrived in PEI yesterday and today caught the ferry to Nova Scotia.  We both agreed that if we had more time we would have ridden around the whole island to get more of a sense of what PEI is all about.  But we did see potato fields, red dirt, and many references to Anne of Green Gables – so that about covers it?

No! I missed eating an ice cream at the Cows factory :(  Heart broken, but it was not open this morning as we rode towards Charlottetown… sigh. On a somewhat related side note – did you know that Manhattan in New York is the same size as PEI but has the population as Canada?  Well that’s what someone told me anyway… so must be true, right?

BeFunky_DSC_0180.jpgCharlottetown was quite the happening place – a large cruise ship was in port and groups of tourists packed the streets.  We rode through the harbour and drooled over some nice warm hand-knitted wool socks at a craft fair then headed out of town.  It was a beautiful ride and a lovely day.  We stopped at a farmhouse for lunch and marvelled at the fantastic operation they had going on.  They not only had the standard corn maze to entertain kids, but you could pet the animals, drive go carts, shoot potato guns, bounce on bouncy things and puzzle puzzly things.

We arrived at Wood Island with plenty of time before the next (and last ferry) to Caribou, Nova Scotia.  I think it ran at 8:30pm and it was only 5 or so.  We looked for a place to eat with no luck – everything was shut down for the season, except the cafeteria in the ferry terminal.  Not to suggest however that there would had been too many more options had it been summer, but there would have been perhaps one other restaurant at the little touristy shopping plaza.  Alex amused the girl behind the counter with his large appetite…. I think he ordered: Fish & Chips, two hot dogs, a bowl of chili… and a slice of carrot cake for dessert!

The ferry had some serious temperature problems.  It was sweltering and we were both dozing off. Other than that – a totally unremarkable ride.

It was dark when the boat docked and we were both done… so we just rode off the ferry and looked for the first possible place to set up the tent.  This happened to be a dirt road about 1 km from our landing.  This was probably our sketchiest camping spot of the trip – we could not tell what kind of road we were on except we got the general sense it wasn’t well-used – and the bushes on the edges were so thick we could only get about half the tent off the road.  I was worried. Alex was less so, so I got over it and had a good night’s sleep. As usual.

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  1. Too bad about the ice cream-that is my favourite too!

  2. I can’t comment on your latest post ..but will you guys be heading into Cape Breton? Looks crazy and fun at the same time!

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