Day 1: Horseshoe Bay – Brackendale

55km, 686m gained

HB - Squamish

To date: 55km, 686m

To go: somewhere about 7,945 km give or take….

Today didn’t really feel like the start of an epic journey – it was more like a nice ride in the sunshine with my mom to go visit my brother and his family…. just with about an extra 130lbs.  When I loaded up my bike this morning I swear it felt heavier and more unstable than my trial ride last week…. in fact as I rode the two blocks down to my local coffee shop I was trying to decide what I could drop from my panniers.  Not a good sign, since this section was downhill too!   On the upside, lovely Mirta at Seaside Village cafe gave me my cappuccino this morning for free, a kind gesture starting my journey off right.

Mom and I

The hardest hill was the one leaving horseshoe bay – from there it was a series of undulating ups and downs.  We stopped at Porteau Cove campground to use the facilities, have a snack and refill out water bottles.  There were two more long climbs (but not too steep) before Squamish.  I had been dreading these hills all morning and was pleasantly surprised that they were not particularly hard, just a bit long…. gear down and settle in for the long haul.

That reminds me – my Surly Long Haul Trucker – I have decided on a name, I think…. Slow Loris.

We got into downtown Squamish just shy of 4 hours after leaving Horseshoe Bay – this was a lot quicker than I was expecting.  I thought we would be crawling along at a snail’s pace and maybe take about 6 hours.  We had Lunch at Cafe Norte – a Mexican Food Truck parked along the main street in downtown Squamish.  I would highly recommend their Fish Burritos. Yum!

Rode a very easy last 5 km to my brother’s house and spent the remainder of this beautiful sunny day playing with my nieces.  Somehow the youngest one ended up topless, wearing a bicycle helmet and repeatedly shooting herself in the face with her water gun….

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5 replies

  1. Great name for the bike!

  2. If you have any bike concerns stop in at Republic Bikes and ask for Armand. He’s a friend that’s a good guy.

    Happy trails

  3. hee…the mountains honey…lots of long hills…fish burrito, yum…how far is Mom going ? … hoping that 130 pounds you’re carrying has some warm clothes included…whoa tho, such freedom eh…kinda like peter fonda in easy rider ? … :O) … love ya…XO


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