Day 2: Brackendale – Nairn Falls

Brackendale - Nairn Falls

Today: 79km. 920m elevation gain

To date: 134km, 1655m

To go: 7,866 km ….

I was lucky enough to get to ride with my brother today!  We set out around 9am after a slight debacle involving a toy left on the ground and a jumpy Ally – she cut her foot and was crying bloody murder.  So I held her, Geordie bandaged her and finally passed her off to my mom so I could get packed up.  The ride out of Squamish was tiring.  It was slightly uphill and I didn’t gear down as I probably should have.  Its a problem when you have fresh legs – you push them too hard!  It feels as though there

BeFunky_DSC_0025.jpgwas hill after hill after hill (I am writing this after my ride to Joffre Lakes and am actually laughing at my naive version of a hill).   At the time though I thought it was tough.

The hills got broken up by my stupid move to cross the road to a lookout – there was a blind corner behind me so of course I didn’t see anyone but as soon as I get half way across a car comes flying around the bend.  He swerves a bit and Geordie and I both (and probably the driver too) have a bit of a heart attack – but it is all good.  I learnt my lesson to be very very cautious crossing the highway.   Made Geordie a promise not to cross highways unless there is no NO smidgen of doubt that I am safe.

A couple things I discovered today:

  • 2 days are enough to get terrible tan lines… can’t wait to see what I look like 3 months from now!
  • downhills scare the crap out of me – I would prefer up to down any day
  • I can eat & eat & eat and then eat some more

One Mile LakeI left Geordie in Whistler to meet his friends to go mountain biking and I carried on towards Pemberton.  This ride was really nice!  All pretty much downhill, except one steep short climb coming close to Nairn Falls.  I pulled into the campground and took the first site I saw.  Its up high on a bank overlooking the most spectacular green river below.   As I was setting up my tent, the park ranger came by.  We got to talking and it turns out he worked a summer up at Liard in the park!!!!! Its a crazy small world.  He was there in 2000 and remembered the manager at the time, as well as my mom and dad.  After setting up camp, I walked 2.2 km out to One Mile Lake and went for a swim/wash.  It was a bit too busy at the lake to break out the soap and start washing my clothes, so a rinse will have to do.  I was regretting my decision to walk all this way as on the way back my stomach starting howling in hunger.  I had a salad I bought in Whistler as well as a can of tuna and a brownie for dessert.  There was still some daylight so I walked out to the Falls – the falls were pretty impressive – they seemed so powerful and frightening yet all I could think of are those crazy kayakers who go down stuff like this!  (Don’t worry, not on my bucket list… yet….)

Back at camp I stretched a bit and promptly passed out.  A good day’s work.

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    You are not a chicken!

  2. You are definitely your mothers daughter. I think of all the treks she made with your dad and also alone up at the trap line. I worried about her out there and now I will be worrying about you but love and prayers will be with you. I hope you have no more scares but just an amazing wonderful adventure.


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