Thunder Bay – Mirror Lake

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 5.45.13 PMToday: 60.5 km

To date: 3,569.5 km

To go: 4,230.5 km

Woken up around 2am by some intense snoring.  Turns out I gained a room-mate during the night.   I find out later that he is an American who drove up to look for Amethyst – apparently quite common in this area.

I don’t spend too long in town – I work on the blog a bit, then I head to the marina for a touch of sight-seeing.  Something I have been looking forward to since the beginning of my ride was seeing the Terry Fox monument (this is where he had to stop running on his journey across Canada).  I rode up to the highway and was disappointed to see there was no bikes allowed! How was I supposed to get to his statue?  I hate breaking the rules, but decided it was worth it, and rolled my bike on past the sign.  I was worried though.   The highway was very busy and when I saw that the shoulder 100% disappeared I decided to give up.  Luckily from this point I could see his massive statue overlooking the road and although I was annoyed at the poor planning – I mean who puts a monument to this great man who ran (RAN) half way across Canada while battling cancer in a place where only people in cars can access it????  Come on now.

BeFunky_DSC_0023.jpgOn my ride back down the hill I ran into Scott who faced the same dilemma as I.  His was a bit more serious as he had previously been kicked off the highway by the OPP (Ontario police)… he decided to go anyway.  At this point I heard from Alex, who was at the library, so I rode back to town to see if I could find him.  No luck.

In his message he said he was staying in some campground outside of town, so I decided to ride out of town and stop at the first campground.  This turned out to be 40km down the road…. and no sign of Alex.  Oh well.

**To his friends and family who are reading – I meet up with Alex again in another couple of days.


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  1. Hi Deanna, thanks for keeping us in the loop. We used walkie talkies for a few of our BC bike trips, but they ran out of juice too quickly and they weren’t that great for hilly terain. It is harder to keep in touch in many parts of this big country that most people realize.
    Glad you found him eventually :-)
    As for the Terry Fox monument-Yes, how ridiculous is that- no bikes , but you can drive a car up to it?
    Travel safe,

  2. PS I remember the KOA in Thunder Bay had geodes that had amethyst inside. It was facinating to see.

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