Campbellton – Bathurst

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 2.33.11 PMSept 10th, 2013

Today: 120 km

To Date: 7,572 km

To Go: 228 km

I was hoping for all flat now that we hit New Brunswick, but this was not quite the case.  I can’t really complain – the hills were not very bad at all except for one up out of Dalhousie. I was a bit annoyed because if I had not followed my map into the downtown, this 13% hill could have been entirely avoided.  Sigh that’s life.

All day I was wondering where Alex was.  Usually I can catch up to him on his breaks, but I must have been totally dawdling today as I never even caught a glimpse of him speeding off down the road ahead of me.  Actually somehow I had convinced myself that I was ahead – hah!!  It wasn’t until I was riding through Bathurst wondering if I should stop and wait somewhere that he magically appeared from the Wendy’s.  I was relieved to see him.  I had spent far too much time and energy worrying about where he was.

So far New Brunswick has been a series of not terribly exciting tiny towns with some beautiful coastline. We had a fancy Greek dinner – where we looked totally out of place in our smelly bike gear (Alex was actually told that the washrooms were for customers only!!)- but it was delicious.  That night we camped on a park lawn tucked in behind a stone wall – I wasn’t terribly happy with how visible we were but once again, another night with no problems.  Our leftovers from dinner did however go missing…..


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  1. I know, I did a quick back up when he opened his pannier at our house. It smelled like old hockey gear :-) Good thing we were outside at the time. Maybe a racoon got your dinner?

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