Bathurst – Black River

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 8.07.45 PMRide date: September 11, 2013

Today: 115 km

To date: 7,687 km

To go: 113 km – hah! Yeah right….

Today was a damp, damp day.  And by damp, I mean pouring with rain.  Soaking. It all started off poorly as Alex and I had a bit of an argument over various things.  Then we had a lousy breakfast in silence at Tim Horton’s with my mood lightened slightly watching a group of men outside the window sizing up our bikes.  We chatted to them a bit about the bikes, our journey and their lives, then headed off into the rain.

It did not get much better until the rain let up about 40 km in.  It was as if the world knew I really wanted to take a break and make soup in front of a gas station… And then things got much, much better when I spotted a Bulk Barn at Miramichi and stocked up on goodies – including some of Alex’s favourite coconut energy bars – my peace offering.

The road from Bathurst to Miramichi was pretty boring.  We opted to take the direct route rather than the coastal route because of the nasty weather so it is really our fault it was not terribly interesting.  From Miramichi we got back onto the scenic route heading off into the woods.  I was expecting it to be coastline, but it was all woods.  It was a great end to the day – although I love the ocean, I really, really love forests and this was my heaven.  The roads were nicely paved, flat and a nice pedal.  The only trouble was that what we thought would be towns turned out to be little more than a few houses and no stores.  I guess it’s Mr. Noodles for dinner tonight.  And my jujubes (sour! have to be sour) from Bulk Barn.  We decided to camp at an official campground – perhaps Alex’s peace offering to me – as I always love a hot shower.  The campground was highly overpriced, but at least it had wifi – we were able to watch a movie on Netflix! Talk about luxury!

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