White River – Wawa

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 5.09.28 PMToday: 97 km

To date: 4,055 km

To go: 3,745 km

After a good sleep in the woods outside the local Cemetery, we had a terrible A & W breakfast.  I started trying to record through photos all the food I eat in one day, but soon lost track – when starving, who has time to take a picture before devouring?

The flies have been bad these last few days.  I learnt back in Saskatchewan that you have to be riding at 30 km/h to outrun a fly – today at one point when the flies were particularly annoying, I looked down at my odometer – 9km/h.   Darn, outrunning is not going to happen.

BeFunky_DSC_0201.jpgWawa is a town that is all about the Canada Goose – the name Wawa comes from the Objibwe word for Wild Goose – wewe.  There is a 28-foot goose at the tourist info centre welcoming you into town and a few other statues scattered about town.

Our first night in Wawa we camped in the woods – and were spotted by a man walking his dog (who we re-met in Tim Hortons the next morning).  The second night we got a campsite and shared it with Dan – another cyclist – who is riding his fixed-gear to Vancouver to continue his work as a bike courier.  If you do not know what a fixed-gear is – well I don’t really either – but it means that climbing hills is hard because you cannot gear down!  Yikes.


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