Bruce Mines – Massey

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.21.36 PMToday: 145.4 km

To date: 4,510 km

To go: 3,290 km

A long day accompanied by absolutely nothing written in my journal.  Hmmm I must have been tired!

The one highlight I do remember from today was passing through a flood around a town called Spanish.  There was water all over the road that seemed to me to be waist deep and a road maintenance worker was slowly letting traffic through.  I asked him if I was okay to go through – I was hoping he would say no and somehow carry me across…. but no luck – he waved me through with a warning to stay near the center where the water was shallowest. Uhoh.

BeFunky_DSC_0023.jpgNot only was I scared of the flowing water knocking me off balance and me and all my stuff being submerged – but also there was oncoming traffic spraying water everywhere.  Alex was nowhere in sight, so he had made it through – this gave me some faith I could too.  Head down, focus, pedal and whatever you do, do not stop pedalling!  The water reached halfway up my front panniers!  The oncoming traffic slowed for me, and I sneaked through with only soaking my shoes and lower legs…. a success!

We got into Massey just before the only restaurant in town closed, another success!  We had a delicious pasta dinner and then rode down towards the marina and found a good spot in the woods to set up camp.


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  1. Are you guys heading back west?

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