Sault St. Marie – Bruce Mines

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 11.01.22 AMToday: 66.25 km

To date: 4,364 km

To go: 3,436 km

The bike shop did not open until 10 am this morning, so we had plenty of time to eat before we got going…… we had the most delicious breakfast back at the Water Tower Inn across the road – mmmmm.   I am starting to realize that I eat French Toast only for the butter.   This shouldn’t surprise my family as I once acquired the nickname ButterBall from stealing spoonfuls of butter from the butter tray when no one was looking……   and now the butter habit is back in full force.   I use one little round butter container per one slice of French Toast – that seems reasonable right?   mmmm butter…..

BeFunky_DSC_0002.jpgOnce the bikes were ready, we were hungry again.  So we made a quick stop at Wendy’s before we hit the road.  Alex had been telling me about this Baja salad they have – I could not believe it!  You pour a whole bowl of chili over the salad, and it is delicious!!!!!  I will be having this again!

Ok so what else…. dragging myself away from food……

I sent one final package home – this included my mini speaker, a deck of cards and a tank top – lightened my load another 2.8 kg!  Every bit helps!   Unfortunately the ride today was not miraculously easier.  There was a nasty head wind and I was struggling.  The road conditions were the worst yet – heavy traffic and no shoulder.  And just when I thought they could get no worse, of course they did!! A whole 15km stretch of grooved pavement – this means the nice smooth top has been torn up for repaving, so you are just bumping along.  At this point I either had to laugh or cry…… so of course I laughed!

Warning - horse & buggies on the road

Warning – horse & buggies on the road

This area seems to have a large Amish and Mennonite population.  The first clue to this was the horse and buggy warning signs along the side of the road, and the horse poo and tracks indicating their presence.  That night in town we saw the real deal!  A man and his wife came through town in their buggy!  It was a pretty cool site to see – these people living as if it were the old days – no gas guzzling cars taking them around!  However, we soon saw them walking back through town carrying a jerry can!   They had hitched their horse at the hitching station (yes their is one) and were filling up with gas!  We had a good laugh at this odd site ….. I guess they use generators?

We stole a shower tonight from the campground – I am not sure how I feel about this, it is a bit of a moral dilemma for me.  Is it stealing?  I mean we just used the water?  I did not feel right about it though so next time I think I will ask how much it would be to just use the shower.

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