Montreal River – Sault St. Marie

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 11.21.49 AMToday: 120 km

To date: 4,298 km

To go: 3,502 km

What began as a beautiful day with a brisk tailwind shooing us along and up the hills turned ugly as we got closer and closer to The Soo (Sault St Marie).    The shoulders were terrible and traffic got worse and worse – and drivers seemed to change.  I found nobody wanted to move over – just whizzed by.  I had been hearing about how bad Southern Ontario drivers were – maybe this means we are now into Southern Ontario?  This is exciting – and scary.  I need to purchase another helmet ASAP.

Although this area was very touristy – beachfront camping resorts, that type of thing – you could really see how it has suffered lately.  It seemed like 2 out of every 3 motels was closed down and up for sale!

BeFunky_DSC_0357.jpgWe arrived in The Soo and feasted on a mediocre perogy pizza dinner completed by a delicious ravioli!  We camped at a free campsite at VeloRution bike shop.  Although the shop was closed for the long weekend, they still gave campers access to a bathroom and a warm shower!!  Fantastic place to stay.  There were plenty of other cyclists around too – although we did not socialize too much.  We were both tired and not in the mood to sit around a campfire and tell stories.  We were forced (very happily) to spend two nights here to wait for the bike shop to open.  Alex needed to get his back tire trued and I needed a helmet and a new chain.  The shop was as great as the campground – highly recommend this place to travellers! And thank you Gerry for first telling me about it!!

It was at this campground we met Ernest – a man from South Africa who has been travelling around the world by bike for the last 6 years! Can you imagine??  Don’t worry friends & family at home – I am not considering this at the moment :)

We spent our day off in Sault St Marie mostly eating or preparing to eat – including shopping at my favourite place – The Bulk Barn.  Alex went fishing with no luck and I puttered about.  In Tim Hortons we met two magicians practicing their card tricks…. we got to talking and I got a free show! Later in the day we met Wayne – a man who has been travelling in his RV for the last 7 or so years!  Another very interesting fellow and a different approach to life.  We shared a table over lunch and heard his tales of the road.  In the evening we met 2 pilots and a steward – we shared a table and everyone drank too much (I drank copious amounts of Early Grey tea).  They were staying in the hotel we were eating in, and they brought us back to use their hot tub!  Pure luxury!  Unfortunately it lasted about 10 min and then the pool closed – oh well, short & sweet!


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