South Bay / Tobermory – Owen Sound

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 7.03.11 PMToday: 114 km

To date: 4,766 km

To go: 3,034 km

Tobermory is your quintessential cute town.  Its got such a tiny little harbour – definitely pleasure boats only – and a sprinkling of touristy shops and cafes along the edges.  A place I could sit and drink cappuccinos for hours.  Unfortunately the place I set up my people-watching endeavour was out on a patio and my joy lasted about 20 minutes before the rain clouds rolled in and delivered their gifts…. I huddled under an awning and waited for an equally drenched Alex to return from fishing.

BeFunky_DSC_0040.jpgIt was time for dinner anyway – a delicious smoked salmon appetizer and yummy pasta mains at an Italian restaurant with an open-style kitchen.    This led for an entertaining dinner as you could watch the chef and the waitress exchange heated words in Italian and the two busser boys get told off for being lazy……

The following day we rode down the Bruce Peninsula to Owen Sound.  This section is one area I feel like we rushed through – there is some beautiful coast here that we missed by riding down the middle and not exploring the coast – we didn’t even go into the National Park at all!!!!  Shame on us.

I immediately fell in love with Owen Sound – the downtown seemed old and quaint but full of life and character – a place I would like to have spent more time exploring.  I love that this area is full of old houses made of brick – something you do not see much in Vancouver.  We found a pub playing live music on the roof top patio and enjoyed another fabulous dinner. Stuffed and barely able to move we started our ride in search of a place to camp.  On my phone I could tell there was a green space and a cemetery up 2nd street – both promising options.  I was distraught when I realized this meant going straight up this very steep hill…. ugh…. too full for things like this.   And then!!! A miracle happened!!!

As I crested the hill, I saw Alex talking to a van that had pulled over – they said we could follow them to their house and set up our tent in their backyard!  Within minutes we were warmly welcomed into John & Carolyn’s house and given drinks, snacks, pillows, towels, a shower… and a hot tub!  It was really glorious.  John had chatted briefly to Alex back in Tobermory and Carolyn had also heard about us through a friend I had talked to halfway through the day in Wiarton – what a small world!!  Feeling clean and with the long forgotten comfort of a pillow, I had the best sleep of the trip!

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  1. Love the fluffy trees!

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