Wasagaming – Outside Dauphin

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 8.15.52 AMToday: 75 km

To date: 2,440 km

To go: 5,360 km

Alex’s words to describe Wasagaming: “Freaking money town with mosquitoes from hell”…. sounds about right.  But the fantastic food (which cost a small fortune) made up for it.  Highlight was this morning’s pecan butter for the toast – oh I am in heaven!!

You know how I kind of poo-pooed the bear idea… well I did actually see a bear today – and Alex up ahead saw another mother with two cubs… so maybe there are more bears here than I thought!  Alex has a picture – but at the moment I do not have access to his camera, so hopefully that will be a picture for a later date.

Passing fields of wildflowers

Passing fields of wildflowers

I had my second near-death experience of the trip.  My first was when I was riding with Geordie (my brother dear) and I crossed the road with a blind corner… and today I came out of an intersection just as an oncoming car passed another oncoming car – and since the shoulders are so small, he was basically coming straight at me.  But I got over JUST in time, and all was well – just an elevated heart rate and difficulty breathing for a few minutes.  I made a promise to my brother that first time, and today I promised myself that I will always look both ways – then look again at the direction I am going!  Alex had a similar trouble that day with an oncoming car passing another – so to all cyclists – be aware!

Riding along, I met a woman out for a road ride.  She joined me for a few kilometres and we talked about cycling and my trip, and her cycling upcoming trip to the South of France (with only 16lbs in her panniers!!!! – not camping though, but still I was impressed).  She has always wanted to do the cross Canada ride but her husband refuses! I don’t understand why – it’s a wonderful ride!  Anyways… she offered us her guesthouse if we wanted it for the night – but since it would mean going back the way we came, I politely declined – the gesture though means the world!

We stopped in Dauphin to have McDonald’s and I remember my Aunt Sandra mentioning there was family history here, so riding through I imagined my ancestors doing various things.  Mostly just walking around … my imagination isn’t great…..

We set up camp a little ways out of town at Edwards Creek.  Alex skipped stones and I stalked dragon flies to get a good photo….

According to Alex I have the arms/shoulders of an old trucker….. sun-damaged and unequally tan… he paints a lovely picture, doesn’t he?

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  1. I’m sure your shoulders look great :)

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