Owen Sound – Teviotdale

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 7.43.57 AMToday: 100km

To date: 4,866 km

To go: 2,934 km

Started our day around the breakfast table – almost feels like I’m back at home!  Carolyn is a vet and she regaled us with stories from her time on the farm and mishaps…… not serious ones – for example, one day she brought her dog (Jango, I think was his name) with her on a call, and because he can be wiley and a bit of an escape artist, he was kept on leash and in the truck.  Jango managed to get himself out the automatic window, but then the leash stopped and was hanging by his collar out the window!  Not exactly the best advertising for a vet!!   (Jango was fine by the way).  Carolyn, I hope you do not mind me sharing this story!

BeFunky_DSC_0074.jpgThe laughs continued as John & Carolyn’s daughter brought out her fat suit and modelled it for us!  When it came time to go, John got on his motorbike and escorted us out through the residential area and made sure we got on the right road.  He gave us directions to stay off the main roads and enjoy the quiet countryside.  I, of course, got us lost!  Well really I don’t think it was my fault – I mean anyone could confuse Sideroad 3 with Road 3……….

The towns today were very small and restaurants were few and far between.  We had smokies for lunch from a little roadside pirate-themed stand – and I think it was the only place for miles because there were so many people there I felt bad for the lone attendant…… I am very thankful we got there before the rush or else we might still be there.

We picked up dinner from a grocery store just on the verge of closing – in our rush, we opted for more smokies and a pasta salad (that puts the smokey count to 4 for the day!).   We found a picnic table behind a gas station to enjoy our home-cooked meal and then rode on down the road to find a place to sleep.  We found the best spot yet!!!!  Behind several rows of hay bales and before a corn feild, there was a spot that looked cleared for this exact purpose! Just hope nobody needs hay in the morning….

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  1. Cool campsite!!!!

    Also- love the pic of the fat suit with the silhouette yogurt in front :P

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