across canada

Schreiber – Marathon

Today: 100 km To date: 3,861 km To go: 3,939 km “World-class athletic training” is how Alex described today….. I have come up with a new strategy for dealing with hills – and that’s just imagine the worst and you… Read More ›

Mirror Lake – Nipigon

Today:  96km To date: 3,666 km To go:  4,135 km What a terrible riding day.  Fuelled only by oatmeal and coffee, I had to battle a headwind all morning.  Actually all day.  I checked later and the winds were about… Read More ›

Upsala – Thunder Bay

Today: 147.5 km To date: 3,509 km To go: 4,291 km At breakfast this morning we overheard two road maintenance workers discussing an accident yesterday involving two cyclists – I do not catch the details, but expect to hear about… Read More ›