across canada

Ignace – Upsala

Today: 105.5 km To date: 3,361 km To go: 4,439 km Another delicious breakfast in a random roadside diner – the home-made bread really makes it – note to anyone who plans on running a random road-side diner. The ride… Read More ›

Dryden – Ignace

To day: 107 km To date: 3,256 km To go: 4,544 km It was a fast ride today – the wind was behind us and we were flying.  It was rather upsetting though to see our beautiful shoulders disappear and… Read More ›

Winnipeg – Richer

To day: 61 km To date: 2,853 km To go: 4,947 km We spent the better part of the day exploring Winnipeg.  And I sent almost 10 lbs of my gear home!  What freedom!!  This included: solar charger & battery,… Read More ›

Warren – Winnipeg

To day: 60 km To date: 2,792 km To go: 5,008 km Have you ever woken up and immediately sat bolt upright because of a sound that just instills fear through to your core?  That is what happened this morning… Read More ›

Wasagaming – Outside Dauphin

Today: 75 km To date: 2,440 km To go: 5,360 km Alex’s words to describe Wasagaming: “Freaking money town with mosquitoes from hell”…. sounds about right.  But the fantastic food (which cost a small fortune) made up for it.  Highlight… Read More ›